Problem: Untamed Planet needed a complete new interface as the original suffered from poor implementation, redundancy, and intrusiveness. The original design itself lacked personality and was very barebones. 
Solution: Create a new visual language and integrate the client's needs into the new design. Design and implement stylized UI icon throughout the new interface. Address issues with improper use of UI elements and Rich Text during the implementation process.
Tools Used: Photoshop, Illustrator, Roblox Studio
Background: Untamed Planet is an open world educational game that allows players of all ages to experience the wildlife digitally. Players are able to complete quests, learn about biodiversity, and donate to WildArk, an environmental protection organization. I was especially excited about working on Untamed Planet because I really liked the educational and fundraising aspect of the experience.
Conceptualizing the New Design
The client expressed concern regarding the potential disconnectedness of the new interface with the new 3D environment they were building at the time. Additionally, the client wanted to preserve certain essences of the previous UI design where applicable.
I utilized a paper texture to emphasize natural exploration in screens that relate to the player in the physical world, i.e. maps, guides, etc. Other screens maintained the original UI style but with improvements on padding, information hierarchy, and visual contrast.
The stylized design I created for this project is one of my favorites because of how well it tied in with wilderness and exploration. I was also very proud of the new 3D environment revamp that was published by the time I was done with my overhaul. 
Check out Untamed Planet to see and interact with the real work!

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